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The prominent manufacturer of tea in Kerala, Nirmal is the epitome of love blended with taste, undoubtedly the household name for excellence.
A single cup of Nirmal Tea is all it takes

To refresh your body and soul

Nirmal tea is rather a new endeavor by Nirmal Group which geared forward to become one of the Best Tea Powder in Kerala within a short span of time.


Our Insights

Our supplies are bestowed with
Freshness and value

Tea has a crucial part in our lives. Most start off their day with a cup of tea. If something goes wrong with that routine tea, the entire day goes haywire.

Nirmal Tea

Nirmal Tea

Nirmal Tea

Tea Estate

Our most recent product Nirmal Tea has landed as a breath of fresh air to the tea lovers all over the world. Of all the Tea Manufacturers in Kerala Nirmal stands distinct with its faultless manufacturing, packing and distributing processes.

Nirmal Tea

Nirmal tea has flourished as a result of assured hygiene and uncompromised taste our products have been providing. It’s the most perfect way to kick-start your day.

We pay close attention to the valuable suggestions and feedbacks our consumers give us and are ready to make amends if that is what required of us.

The exquisite aroma and tangy flavor of Nirmal tea makes us  the Best Tea Powder in Kerala and inspire your spirit to perform more daily tasks and thereby make you seize your day and make every second of it count!

Our Promise

We bring in
The best cup of tea you can never resist

Even though it was Chinese who had invented Tea, it was us Indians who made it popular. Back in the day our “chaai” was so popular that even Queens of Britain used to consume it!

Nirmal Tea turns your tea times into special occasions where you slow down your hassles, pull back and be appreciative and grateful for the calm environment universe has gifted you.

The soothing power of Nirmal Tea is considered lofty and is celebrated among our consumers and that is why our brand name is written in golden letters when differentiated with other Tea Manufacturers in Kerala

Nirmal Tea

Nirmal Tea

Brewed from vast tea estates in the far-off mountains of Darjeeling and Assam, Nirmal Tea brings you excellence and purity at fair prices in your reach.

Because of our top class service and distribution we are hailed as the best Tea Powder Suppliers in Kerala. We are looked upon with immense trust by our consumers and it has been our driving force ever since.

About Us

1. We are dealing best quality Agmark coconut oil name as Kissan coconut oil.

2. Mr.Nirmal cooking oil as a high coconut oil blended with vegetable oil for healthy cooking

3. Nirmal tea as a special blended of Munnar & Assam valley tea and really formulated for Kerala culture . "Nirmal tea Tension Free " . Have a Nirmal Tea with Pleasure.

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