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Kerala has a traditional cuisine to proudly hold on to. Isn’t it time to have cooking oil that enhances such a wonderful cuisine?
Bid Adieu

To those flavorless & odorous cooking oils of the past

Mr. Nirmal Cooking Oil is here to make your kitchen a place where even simpler recipes are transformed into five star dishes when seasoned with just a blob of oil.


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Honesty, efficacy & availability
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Cooking is an art. It requires a proper flavorsome agent to gel all the ingredients. Mr. Nirmal Kerala Cooking Oil is ideal for that purpose.

Healthiest Cooking Oil

Kissan Coconut Oil

Healthiest Cooking Oil

Coconut farm

The natural taste of palm oil coupled with abundant nutrition and pleasant aroma, Mr. Nirmal turns cooking into an experience!

The vitamins and nutrients enclosed in oil play a vital role in building sound health and good physique. Only a healthy body is home to a healthy mind and we assure you both in good condition.

Among all Kerala Cooking Oil Brands Mr. Nirmal is the most sought after in the market because we do not make compromises in hygiene and health benefits.

We make sure that the authenticity of the oil gets sustained all through the manufacturing procedures so you can experience the actual taste and flavor of the Best Cooking Oil Brand in India.

We pledge

To provide this precious elixir of nature
At fair prices

Extracted and processed through the most advanced technology available in India, Mr. Nirmal Cooking Oil has its share of admirers not only in Kerala but also on an international level.

You don’t need to pass more hurdles to find the perfect cooking oil that enhances the overall health of your family. Mr. Nirmal is available now in shops in every nook and corner of Kerala.

Unlike other Edible Oil Companies in Kerala Mr. Nirmal only provides cooking oil that neither breaks down nor gets damaged if heated to higher temperatures

kerala coconut oil for cooking

In times where consistent use of most cooking oil brands paves way to deadly diseases like cancer, Mr. Nirmal stands out with assurance that has been stemmed from years of experience and positive feedbacks from our consumers.

Being the best Cooking Oil Brand in India it is our sole responsibility to brighten up your dining table experience with exciting cuisines (both traditional and exotic) and finger-licking good dishes and we fulfill that duty with utmost sincerity and commitment.

About Us

1. We are dealing best quality Agmark coconut oil name as Kissan coconut oil.

2. Mr.Nirmal cooking oil as a high coconut oil blended with vegetable oil for healthy cooking

3. Nirmal tea as a special blended of Munnar & Assam valley tea and really formulated for Kerala culture . "Nirmal tea Tension Free " . Have a Nirmal Tea with Pleasure.

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